01 - Healed From Fibroids

I came to the Glorious world ministries after I was booked for operation because I had Fibroids. My sister-in-Law who is the administrative director of the ministry asked that I should come and see the man of God before going to the hospital. When I came, the man of God asked me what I wanted in which I was confused. He asked if I wanted God to give me safe operation or a miraculous healing. I opted for miraculous healing. He prayed for me and asked me to go back to the hospital for checkup which I did and the same Doctor who booked me for operation could not find any fibroid. He was confused and asked me to go and meet another specialist who confirmed that I was free. Jesus healed me from the fibroids. Praise the Lord!!!
Sis Alice

02 - Healed From Urinary Track Damage

I was involved in a fatal accident while felling trees in the forest. One the trees fell on me and damaged my waste and especially my reproductive organ. I was rushed to the hospital and was told I will never be able to use my penis to urinate again. I pipe was put in me through which I was urinating. I could not put on trousers nor could walk without a walking aid. After some months they told me they will work on my bladder after one year. When it was clear I could not live for two more months, then I was rushed to the Glorious world ministries. When the man of God laid hands on me I felt a strange sensation running through me and before I knew it, I got erection and urinated through my penis for the first time in six months. That was the end of the affliction. The pain left and the following day I was fine. The pipe was removed and till this date I am strong and working. Glory to God for His mercies. Hallelujah!!!
Mr. Nji

03 - Healed From Appendicitis

I had appendicitis and was taken to the hospital. The doctor said I was to be operated upon. They asked for 60,000 FRS which I came to see my parents for it. The money was given to me but I decided to come see the man of God who told me the Doctors have no right to operate me for Jesus healed by His stripes. He prayed for me and behold I went back to the hospital and no trace of it was found. The Doctors got confused and asked me if I was the very one he booked for operation. I did and he asked me after reading the same report he wrote if I was a born again. I said yes and he asked If I believe in miracles. I said yes. Then he said I have had one. Praise God I am healed.
Miss Bih

04 - Healed From Hyena

I had hyena beside my private and could not walk. I came to the Glorious world ministries and the man of God prayed for me and it disappeared. Praise God I am strong and healthy.

05 - Heal From Chronic Heart Palpitation and Aslo

Brethren in the Lord, join me in praising God for what He has done for me. I had chronic heart palpitation and Aslo that had grounded for months. I had taken all forms of treatments in vain. I could not walk for 10meters without sitting down to rest. My family had given up on me knowing that I was going to die. I came to see the man of God who prayed for me and that was the end. At first I though it was a dream but after some days, I realized it was real. I am healed. I can run, jump and do anything. Glory to God I am free.

06 - Healed From continuous illnesses

Since I was born till when I got married, I have never known peace from sicknesses. When I heard of the Glorious world Ministries and what God had been doing through the man of God, I knew my solution had come. I came to the ministry and since the first day the man of God prayed for me till today, I have not known headache. I am free and it is about a year that my family and even my husband are still wondering what kind of magic is happening. Praise the Lord!!!

07 - Delivered from Cultism

I was involved in a cult. They gave me all sorts of things then suddenly they started demanding that I make sacrifices of human beings which I refused. They took back everything they ever gave me and afflicted me with sickness in a bit to kill me. No hospital could diagnose what was wrong with me but I could not tell anybody. I will just sit and cry as I see myself dying. Then I was taken to the man of God Pastor Focha Job who prayed for me and set me free in the name of Jesus. The sickness disappeared and the cult escaped. Then the man of God asked me to start a business with any amount I have. I had 10,000 FRS which he blessed and today I am back on my feets again. Glory to God.
Mr. Atanga

08 - Healed From Damaged Legs Caused by Accident

I had a fatal accident that damaged my two legs and scattered my bones. I was a bike rider. For several months all attempts to get me healed and use my two legs failed. I was using crushes to stand. Then I was taken to the Glorious World Ministries for Prayers. It was a day of great deliverance and healing as I saw many people being set free. I said to myself I must receive my miracles today. As the man of God touched, I felt strength in my legs and I stood up without the crushes and started hitting the legs on the ground. Before I knew it the man of God ordered that the bandages that were tied on my legs be removed which I did. Mysteriously broken bottles were falling out of my legs. Everyone was surprised. The man of God smiled and said it is over. He said an angel will visit me and perfect my healing. Brethren in the Lord, the following morning I saw wonders. A man appeared from nowhere and called for me. When I went he took me behind the house and showed me three different grassed and asked me to warm them under the sun and massage the legs with it. Every question I asked him he gave no answers. He did not even look at my face nor told me his name. When he finished teaching me how to use the grass, he asked me to look behind if I would identify the grass which I did. On turning back I could no see him again. Immediately I remember the words of the man of God when He s aid an angel from the ministry would visit me and perfect my healing. I ministered the grass as the angel directed me and within six hours no trace of the accident was found on me. Its three days since the man of God Prayed for me and now I am fine. I can run, dance and jump. Praise the Lord!!!
Mr. Ndaka

09 - Mantle Brought Out My Baby

I was in labor and all medical predictions as to when I was suppose to put to birth proved wrong. They were about to take me to the theatre for operation when I remember Papa always saying “None of my daughters or sons are permitted to be operated”. I sent for my mantle which papa prayed on and gave us to use in times of trouble. I laid it on my stomach and the baby whose cord had wrapped his neck twice came out miraculously even with cord wrapped around his neck yet he did not die and I was not operated upon. Praise God!!!
Miss Grace

10 - Delivered From Magic Powers

One day I was invited by a friend to attend church service in the glorious world ministries. I reluctantly went because to me I knew it was a mere waste of time. In my pocket I had a magic bag given to me by a witch Doctor for protection and I knew my whole life depended around it. While praise and worship was going on, I felt this extraordinary power upon me and the magic bag in my pocket began to jump. When I put my hand in my pocket to check what was happening, the magic bag (talisman) was so hot in my hands and it fell from my pocket and disappeared. I was shocked and afraid because the witch doctor that gave it to me said I will die if I loose it. But the man of God prayed for me and I was at peace and nothing happened to me.
Mr. Edwin

11 - Delivered From a Demonic Spirit of A Guerilla

I was possessed by a guerilla spirit which made me to be so powerful, fearless and very aggressive. This demonic spirit made me to be always angry and to fight with people. Some of the people I fought with ended up paralyzed and others dead. I had no peace and avoided staying around people for fear that I may harm them. I heard about the Glorious world ministries and how anointed the man of God is and so I decided to attend an all night program in the church. During worship, I began manifesting and the man of God casted out the guerilla spirit that took hold of me and I was delivered.
Name ?

12 - Healed of Chronic Stomach Ache

I had chronic stomach ache which made it impossible for me to stand up erect or do anything anytime I was attacked by it. On this faithful day, the stomach ache started aching so badly that I thought I would not live to see the next day. I could not resist the pain any more and so rushed to the Glorious world ministries where I was invited severally but did not go. But extra severe pain took me to the church and luckily for me I met the man of God in a deliverance session dealing with family altars, yokes and curses. As the prayer was going on, I felt a hot sensation in my stomach and the stomach ache immediately left me. I believe God used the stomach ache to deliver from so many evil practices.
Mr. Awasum

13 - Delivered From Witch Craft Attack

I was sitting in my house and suddenly some thing stuck my hand as if it were thunder. Immediately I had a severe pain in the afflicted hand. The pain was so severe that it was piercing into my senses and I was rolling on floor because I could not bear the pain. I was brought to the man of God of the Glorious world ministries wailing and crying like a baby. The man of God laid his hand on my afflicted hand and prayed in a language I did not understand and immediately the pain left my hand just as it came.
Mami Angelina

14 - Delivered From Cultic Powers

One evening I was in my shop and a woman came to buy Omo. When the woman paid for the Omo, my spirit immediately warned me about the money. I took the money and threw it on the floor of my shop not wanting to put it where I kept the other money. The following day I took the money to the church since I am a member of Glorious world ministries. While the man of God was blessing the offering, I also lifted up the same money woman gave me and behold something struck my hand like thunder and immediately I felt a severe pain on my hand that I could not even stand on my feet. The man of God prayed for me and I was delivered.
Miss Christy

15 - Delivered From cultism

I was initiated into a cult where my assignment was to render young men useless. I was given some charms and powers which I applied on my breast and on my tongue which enabled me to seduce men and take away their star by kissing them. I also had as assignment to bring the downfall of the man of God Pastor Focha Job N. I also initiate many young girls into the cult. I was supposed to cause Pastor Focha Job to have a plane crash from Liberia to Cameroon which I could not. I was given extra powers by the queen of India to seduce Pastor Focha Job and ruin him completely. So one day I went to visit him in his house to carry out my assignment but I met with two angels on his door but I still went inside. As I was conversing with him, I released a snake in the spirit to stink him but it didn’t work for me. Instead I started feeling as if my entire body was roasting and before I knew it, I started manifesting and rolling on the ground. The man of God prayed and delivered me. I am so happy because I realized I was deceived by the devil so much so that I dropped out of school. But after my deliverance, my life came back to normal.
Miss Brenda

16 - Experienced Supernatural Provision

My son secured admission into one university in London and five millions francs as required as tuition and other expenses. I had no money and three days to the deadline the money had to be submitted I was confused and frustrated not knowing what to do. I took the only money I had on me and sowed it in the life of Pastor Focha Job of the glorious ministries. I did that in the morning and the following day, my son called me and informed me that his boss in the office offered him 5million for his admission into the university just like that. I am so happy that God used the man of God Pastor Focha Job N. to provide for me supernaturally.
Ma Comfort

May 20, 2017