The Glorious World Ministries have a great commission for 2011.  The Lord has laid into my heart to reach out to 10,000 people in the interior parts of Cameroon (rural areas) in 2011.

The rural areas of Cameroon are the most abandoned places in Africa.  Many pastors who are spirit filled and can radiate the light prefer to stay in the cities and urban areas of Cameroon where they can find greener pastures or as some put it, where the Lord  has asked them to be.  Because of this, hundreds of thousands of people and even millions of people in the rural areas are left in total darkness and ignorance of the truth.  Many more have left in religious circles without any true exposition to the ultimate truths.  The word of God has not been revealed to them in its entirety.

The people in the rural areas of Cameroon are also one of the poorest in the country and the most exposed to diseases, malnutrition and barbaric pagan practices.  There is also high illiteracy level and insufficient medical facilities for the people.  As a result, the people have a very high mortality rate.

Now, the Lord has asked me to reach out to these people.  To expose to them the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to put smiles on the faces of the people and to bless them.

This is how we want to go about it:

  • We will be involved in 12 mission trips in 2011.i.e,we will go into 12 villages in the interior parts of Cameroon.  We have estimated that this 12 villages harbors about 15,000 people.
  • Each mission trip shall last for one week.or more.
  • We will be involved in one on one evangelism in each village.
  • We will organize mass crusades in the village hall every evening
  • We will organize special teaching classes on the 'New birth and the New man' every morning.
  • We will involve in sanitary activities in main areas in the villages.  This includes public areas like the Palaces.
  • We will go with medical aid for the people. We will go with drugs and trained medical practitioners into this villages.  We will offer them free consultations and basic drugs for free.  And also we will offer them holistic counseling on health related issues.
  • We will also take along welfare relief materials for the needy, orphans, widows, and the elderly.  We will take relief materials like clothes, food items, bathing materials, books, pens, etc.
  • To ensure that all that we do there should not go in vain, and to also ensure their continues stay and growth in the Lord, we will encourage other spirit filled Bible believing churches that have trained pastors and are ready to expand to go with us so that where there are no churches we
    will plant one and hand it over to them to carry on.
  • We believe that if we embark on all this projects we will be able to reach the expected 10,000 people.


This mission requires some necessities to achieve it:

  1. We need you to go with us to this people.  Human resources is one of the most important need we have.  It does not matters where you are, your sex, denomination.race, or nationality.  You can subscribe for this great missionary outreach.  God wants you to go with us.  Just your presence can affect many lives.
  2. We need money. we estimate that this mission will cost us about 50,000,000 frs cfa or an equivalent of 100,000 US DOLLARS.  This is an opportunity for you to invest in the kingdom of God.  If you cannot go to this people, your money can go for you and you will enjoy the same blessings.  By that you will be saving a life and our Lord will be happy with you.
  3. Most of these interior villages are very far from Ngyen-mbo where we are based.  So we need vehicles to transport the people and our equipments into these villages.  Most of the roads are very bad and inaccessible especially during the rainy seasons.
  4. We need Bibles for this people who might not have been opportune to own one before.
  5. We need drugs and medical equipments for basic consultations and medical examinations.
  6. We need clothes, food stuffs, books, pens and other related materials for the people.
  7. We need a high powered generator for electricity as many of these villages have no electricity.

All these needs are easy to obtain if only you will open your heart and choose to reach to these people.  These are just some of the necessities we have listed.  As the Lord lays in your heart,  please contribute to this mission.  We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Just write to us or call us at:

PO BOX 1839

Call us at: VISION COORDINATOR   +23776687482, +23794131289,

RURAL MISSIONS DIRECTOR         +23774417365,

FINANCIAL CONTROLLER                +23799193873, +23770949187

May 20, 2017